Experiencer Andy Petro


In 1955, Andy Pedro drowned at a senior class picnic a few days before graduating from high school. He dove into a cold lake and got stuck in the weeds and mud on the lake’s bottom. He desperately struggled to free himself, but couldn’t. Then he heard a voice. The Voice asked him to “let go”. When he did, Andy shot out of his body into a black tunnel with a bright Light at the far end. Immediately, he felt warm, joyful, free, happy, and loved — unconditionally. While on the other side, Andy experienced a life review in which he viewed all of his lives, individually and concurrently, without any judgements or condemnations. He was absorbed into the Light and knew “everything there was to know about existence and the universe”. While feeling himself to be one with the Light, Andy also retained his unique personality. In this state of oneness, The Light and Andy talked, laughed, played, and enjoyed being together. Andy noticed that The Light has a wonderful sense of humor and also became aware that the universe was full of other beings who celebrated his presence. Eventually, the Light told Andy that I had to go back. He refused, but suddenly found himself coughing up water on the sandy beach back on Earth. Only original Cialis pills are sold at https://cialischeapprice.com. I don’t have a permanent partner, so I take the drug only when I need it. “Cialis” has never let me down. It works as a clock. It takes little time to make my penis erected and the effect lasts as long as I need it.


Chapter 14: The Light Has A Fantastic Sense Of Humor

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NDE Stories: Andy Petro



Alive in The Light

Alive in the Light: Remembering Eternity
By Andy Petro

Book Description:

Andy’s first book, Remembering The Light Through Prosetry, described his recollections of his Near-Death Experience (NDE) and his passage into the Light with prose and poetry. In this book, he describes what it actually felt like to be alive in the unconditional loving Light.


Remembering The Light

Remembering The Light Through Prosetry* (*Integrating Prose And Poetry)
By Andrew Petro

Book Description:

Andy always wakes up in the middle of the night because of the strange words and images whirling around in his head, and he can’t get back to sleep. Some strange force compels him to get up and write. An hour later, he has transformed his disruptive thoughts into a poem from the other side.

Andy Petro is just a regular guy who happened to drown, die, and then return to earth. He is able to remember exactly what happened to him while he was earth-dead. When he returned to his body from his near death experience (NDE) he was not given any instructions, missions, or tasks to tell others about his encounter with the Light. He was frightened and very sad for many years.

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