Experiencer Anne Horn


Anne Horn’s near-death experience occurred as a result of being strangled by her husband, who in a fit of rage, brought her to the point of death. She describes leaving her body, encountering an uncle she never met in this life on the other side, reviewing her life, being shown a vision of how “a new age of Heaven on Earth” would unfold, and being reminded that she had agreed to come to Earth to help manifest this vision. Anne also describes many things that happened to her after her near-death experience, including dealing with aftereffects such as being able to read people’s thoughts, blowing up light bulbs, affecting watches and cash registers, being aware of things happening in other dimensions, being able to communicate with some animals telepathically, and sometimes ending up in places that she didn’t intend to go in order to help someone in need.


Chapter 19: Bring The Light Into This World

The video that this chapter is based on is located here. Anne’s comments originally appeared in a near-death experience documentary produced by Norman Van Rooy called “Shadows – Perceptions of Near Death Experiencers.” The full documentary is available here.



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