Experiencer Cami Renfrow


When Cami Renfrow was 22, she lost control of her car and was crushed when her airborne car landed on top of her. It shattered her sacrum, fractured her skull, and devastated much in between. Cami’s survival and ultimate thriving surprised many medical professionals who worked with the severe injuries. Cami subsequently experienced long, ongoing periods of altered states of consciousness. These experiences illuminated the suddenly self-evident fact that our physical bodies and experiences are manifestations of Consciousness. Years of oppressive chronic pain took their toll, with arthritis and fibromyalgia pain syndromes settling in after the initial trauma recovery. Over time, during moments of quiet, mystical visions and spontaneous healing unwound these layers of pain. Following the path unfolding before her, and with the help of shared information from many wise professional sources, nutrition, homeopathy and changing my thought and movement patterns, the tide turned. Cami’s perceptions and body felt more clarity and freedom than had ever been a part of her experience. Following many personal miracles of recovery, she came to recognize that with focused concentration we can channel life force energy for healing. She now views her tortuous car accident and the lessons from its aftermath as great gifts.


Chapter 41: A Life Greatly Disturbed

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Dance Through It: Gleanings from a Near-Death Experience
By Cami Renfrow

Book Description:

Crushed under a car, a young Montana woman is plunged into radical states of consciousness. Dance Through It is a deeply comforting and catalyzing true story of near-death experience and the life broken open in its wake. This is a story that can change you and leave you fearless. With striking photos, it’s a thoughtful and gorgeous electronic read.

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