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When Dr. Dianne Morrissey (1949-2009) was twenty-eight years old, she was electrocuted and had a very profound near-death experience. Her experience transformed her entire life. She was a certified hypnotherapist that taught 25,000 people to see and feel God’s presence during the dream state. Her book, You Can See the Light: How to Touch Eternity and Return Safely, trains people to use techniques that can produce transformational mystical experiences. 


Chapter 6: Graham Crackers & Milk

The video that this chapter is based on is located here. It comes from an outstanding near-death experience documentary called “Conversations with God.” You can watch the full documentary here.

The second excerpt comes from a page on near-death.com that contains several excerpts from Dianne’s book, “You Can See The Light.”



Near-Death.com on Dianne Morrissey



You Can See The Light

You Can See The Light: How You Can Touch Eternity — And Return Safely
By Dianne Morrissey

Book Description:

This guide elaborates on seven keys that allow readers to gain a glimpse of “the light” and return with reassurance that there is life after death. The author experienced her own near-death after being electrocuted, and has since taught the technique of experiencing the next world to more than 25,000 people.

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