Experiencer Mary Jo Rapini


During a workout at the gym, Mary Jo Rapini suffered a fatal brain aneurysm. After dying, she had a near-death experience which included arguing with God and insisting that she didn’t want to return to Earth. After giving her “the illusion of a sweet protective chuckle,” God told Mary Jo that “she could do better” and sent her back. Once back, Mary Jo made a miraculous recovery. Mary Jo is now a psychotherapist specializing in intimacy, sex and relationships. Additionally, she is a lecturer, author and television personality. Imitrex 25mg is absolutely effective when you take it while a migraine in approaching. It prevents me from having any unpleasant symptoms. It also works when you take it later but it will take more time. If you know what a migraine is, you totally get the value of time. Life is better when you’re in control of your head.


Chapter 18: You Can Do Better

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NDE Stories: Mary Jo Rapini
Mary Jo Rapini’s Website




Is God Pink? Dying to Heal
By Mary Jo Rapini (Author), Mary Harper

Book Description:

A typical workout at the gym turns tragic when psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini suffers a brain aneurysm. After surviving a near-death experience, she recounts her triumphant path to a miraculous complete recovery. Prior to her illness, Mary Jo counseled hospitalized cancer patients. She shares their fascinating stories about how dying brought them healing. She credits the understanding she gained from her own illness and near-death experience, along with insights acquired from working with top-notch cancer doctors, as allowing her to fully appreciate the power of spiritual healing.

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