Experiencer Oliver John Calvert


In 1993, Oliver John Calvert suffered a fatal heart attack while paining a house in 120 degree weather. He had a near-death experience that included a life review where he was “made to feel everything” that he had put the other people through in his life. His near-death experience also included receiving instructions from “a Voice” that told him why he was put on Earth and what his responsibilities were towards the rest of life.

Since my mother and grandmother have problems with high pressure since my youth, I also recently faced this unpleasant condition. My family already has a good doctor, I didn’t look for a new one and turned to her. She recommended me to take inderal 40mg as she did to my mom and grandmom. The dosage is assigned individually as we all are of various ages, and our blood pressure is now normal.


Chapter 10: Take Care Of The Earth, Animals, One Another

This chapter is excerpted from an hour and a half video that is posted on the Precious Testimonies YouTube Channel. To watch the video, go here. The portion of this video that appears in Chapter 10 is from 07:36 – 09:50. 

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