Experiencer Reinee Pasarow


In May 1966, 16-year-old Reinee Pasarow of La Crescent, California, became unconscious following an allergic food reaction and had one of the most transcendental NDEs ever documented. She travelled back in time and witnessed the evolution and history of the human race. She learned how humanity is currently at a turning point and that it must deal with all the obstacles to unity before a new era of universal peace will come. She saw a future of our planet as a world populated with beings of light. Reinee has been interviewed repeatedly by the news media including major networks, such as ABC, CNN and NBC. Her NDE testimony has been heard by people in 45 countries. 


Chapter 5: The Greatest Of All Actions

The video that this chapter is based on is located here. The original hour and a half video is available here.



Near-Death.com on Reinee Pasarow

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